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The Saturn 2 from Titan Controllers is intended for use in maintaining a combination of temperature, humidity and CO2 in your growing environment. Both temperature and humidity can be adjusted with the dials on the front of the controller. During the daytime hours the controller leaves the ÔCO2 OUTLETÕ active until the temperature set point is exceeded. When this occurs, the ÔCO2 OUTLETÕ is deactivated and then the ÔFAN OUTLETÕ is activated; and your exhaust fan will run until the temperature is lower than your preferred setting. After the temperature has lowered below the selected temperature level the ÔFAN OUTLETÕ is deactivated and the ÔCO2 OUTLETÕ is activated and can begin dosing your garden with CO2 again, if required. This innovative function serves two purposes: One, this allows maximum CO2 coverage with minimum CO2 waste; Two, your exhaust fan is working only when it is required - saving power and wear & tear on your gear.