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Sea Green, mother natures digestive track, People donÕt eat vitamins, just like plants donÕt eat N-P-K! Sea Green links that connection between plants and nutrients.Sea Green makes nutrients absortion even under high salt conditions. It also breaks down nutrients into forms that can easily be absorbed by your plants. Seag Green increases the amount and type of nutrtients that can be absorbed and keeps those essential nutrients avaible for the plant. Works in both soil and hydroponic systems, Sea Green will improve any existing nutrient program, wheither its high salt fertilizers or organic nutrients. At only 1 ml per gallon, mix your nutes, pH if desired, add Sea Green and stand back for explosive growth! Sea Green can also bee applied via foliar spray at 0.5 ml per gallon. Sea Green is extremely concentrated, which makes this products really worth your dollar, At 1mL per gallon Sea Green cost less than $0.13 per gallon!